Thursday, August 5, 2010

Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy

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This is one of the most comprehensively educational works we've ever come across. The older 1st edition is now a bargain, with the bulk of its articles, covering pre-1978 events/issues, still holding great validity. They would make valuable supplementary copies in a school or public library, or highly informative reference works in a private one. We're anticipating as much fun with our copies over the next couple of years as we had with War And Peace!
WE INVITE A COMPARATIVE REVIEW from anyone familiar with the additions and updates in the 12/2001 Second Edition; diplomats and/or scholars, kindly pass this on....

Here for your delectation is the 1st Edition's complete 3-Volume Topics List (if it all fits: Volume 3 ends with "Unconditional Surrender"):

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