Monday, September 6, 2010

Everyday Memory

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Svein Magnussen, Tore Helstrup
Routledge, 2007 - 340pages

This book presents an authoritative overview of memory in everyday contexts. Written by an expert team of international authors, it gathers together research on some of the more neglected but revealing areas of memory, to provide a comprehensive overview of remembering in real life situations.

Contributions from leading experts deal with a variety of important questions concerning everyday memory, from under-researched areas such as memory for odours, to more well known areas, like collective memory. Topics covered also include: * Beliefs about memory and the metaphors used to discuss memory * The relation between self-referent beliefs and actual memory performance * The development of autobiographical memory. Everyday Memory summarises current knowledge and presents new interpretations and hypotheses to be explored by future research. It discusses aspects of human memory which are frequently ignored or dealt with only very briefly by ordinary textbooks and as aresult will have a broad appeal for researchers and students.

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