Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Global Instability and Strategic Crisis

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Neville Brown
Routledge, 2004 - 318pages

Global Instability and Strategic Crisisbrings new perspectives to current debates surrounding missile defence and argues that it should have a limited role only. Looking to the future, the author radically extends the customary remit of strategic studies in order to address the new world situation. This book explores the diverse factors - military, scientific, economic, social, ecological and cosmological - bearing upon the quest for stability and peace and anticipates future possibilities. The interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan are both discussed at some length while the Holy Land, Central Southern Africa, Indonesia, China and the Arctic are all seen as foci of special concern in their respective ways.

Thematically, the text addresses a raft of topics, among them the redefinition of terror; lethal lasers; internalised arms control; the non-weaponization of space; Guantanamo Bay; regional security pacts; latter-day Marshall plans; climate change; a ubiquitous urban crisis; instabilitylatent in Western society; a two-tier European Union; and pre-emption doctrine. Salience is given to the military and civil exploitation of space; biowarfare is treated as a singularly serious mass destruction threat.

This book will interest students and researchers of strategic studies, contemporary history and geophysics as well as policy-makers.

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