Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Evolution of International Society: a Comparative Historical Analysis

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Adam Watson
Taylor & Francis, 2009 - 350 pages

'This is a real feast of a book. ... a landmark book.'- International Affairs'...a bold, successful and valuable book.'- International Relations This uniquely comprehensive study explains how international societies function across time, starting by examining the ancient state systems before turning to look in detail at the current worldwide international society. The book demonstrates that relations between states are not normally anarchic, but organized and regulated by elaborate rules and practices, which derive substantially from experience. Our present international society, for all its individuality, is only the latest in the series.In this reissue, a new introduction by Barry Buzan and Richard Little contextualises Watson's original work, situates it alongside current work in the area and summarises and analyses Watson's key arguments.This timely reissue serves as a major contribution to international theory, to our perception of how relations between states operate, and to our understanding of Watson's place within the canon. It will be of great interest to students of political science, international relations, world history and the history of globalization, and historical sociology.

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