Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Future of International Relation: Masters in the Making?

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Iver B. Neumann, Ole Wæver
Routledge, 1997 - 380pages

In a departure from tradition,The Future of International Relationspresents the state of the art of international relations theory through an analysis of the work of twelve key contemporary thinkers. Many of these authors are often considered hard to understand and so this book provides an alternative and more accessible analysis of contemporary international relations theory. Students of international relations will find this an invaluable introduction to and analysis of the key theories they will need to understand. The theorists covered are: John Vincent, Kenneth Waltz, Robert O. Keohane, Robert Gilpin, Bertrand Badie, John Ruggie, Hayward Alker, Nicholas G. Onuf, Alexander Wendt, Jean Bethke Elshtain, R. B. J. Walker and James Der Derian.

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