Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Study of World Politics Volume 2 : Globalization and Governance

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James N. Rosenau
Routledge, 2006 - 260pages

"The Study of World Politics, Volume II: Globalization and Governance "is the second and final volume of a collection of essays by James Rosenau. James Rosenau's work is known for originality and clarity and the sixteen articles in this volume are no exception. The aim of this volume is to address the specific challenges posed by globalization and governance. The Issues covered in this book include: - The Challenge - tensions, contradictions, outcomes and global affairs - The Profession - community, globalized space and international relations - Globalization - complexities, contradictions and theory - Governance - understanding and future" The Study of World Politics "is the product of one of the most innovative scholars in the last half century and the subjects addressed provide the big picture whilst also being meticulous in detail. This volume gives the reader an unparalleled understanding of globalization and governance and is an invaluabletool to students and scholars alike.""

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