Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two Worlds of International Relations: Academics, Practitioners and the Trade in Ideas

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Christopher Hill, Pamela Beshoff
Routledge, 1994 - 233pages

InTwo Worlds of International Relations, Christopher Hill and Pamela Beshoff investigate the relationship between diplomats and deans, legislators and law professors, policy makers and professors. The book assesses the relevance of international relations to the issues of policy formulation and implementation. The authors present a wide array of perspectives from both professions, exploring the nature of political economy, historical studies, and international relations theory. They trace salient connection between theory and practice of international relations, and analyze the differences between the two methods of thinking. Composed of a collection of writing from academics and practioners alike, this book looks at issues such as human rights, foreign direct investment, foreign service, and international law among other concerns. It proves itself to be a broad and high-minded inquiry into the tensions that exist between international theory and the very practices its aimsto understand

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